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"This handy little program adds the one thing that windows explorer has lacked for a long long time...Convience. I have been waiting for something like this for a long time."

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Folver View work with Windows Vista?

Most functions work, only the integration with the Open/Save dialogs doesn't with most programs. This is because the dialogs have changed in Vista. It could be nescesary to run the program with more than the standard privileges (Administrator perhaps).

When clicking a folder or file in Windows Explorer with the right mousebutton, it crashes

This is a bug which only shows up on some systems. And it's very difficult to fix it because it doesn't show up on mine. Sorry. There is a solution though. One solution seems to be cleaning the Windows registry. To clean up the registry, take a look here. There also are reports that another utility called Powerdesk is interfering with Folder View. You could deinstall it if you don't use it and it is installed on your system.
If that doesn't work, the solution is to rename the fvcontext.dll file in the Folder View program directory. The right-click problem will be over, but sadly also the right-click copy/move to functionality. The other things will still work fine though.

When opening the file-menu in Windows Explorer, it crashes

See the question above.

I get a runtime-error when right-clicking in Windows Explorer

See the question above.

The buttons don't appear in the Open/Save dialogs

This occurs with with programs that do not use the default Open/Save dialog windows or programs that customize the dialogs themselves. Examples are Microsoft Office, WordPerfect Office 2000. In Microsoft Office, Folder View does customize the list of folders on the left side of the Open/Save dialogs. Note: this also can occur with other programs when you run Windows 95 or 98 and haven't updated it. There is no fix for this. Use OpenOffice if you want to have the buttons. It's a great piece of software anyway. And free!

Folder View could make some older Windows systems (95/98/ME) less stable

It doesn't occur often, but this occurs when using the option Add buttons to upper toolbar of Open/Save dialogs of applications. You can uncheck the option in the Preferences Window and restart your system to eliminate the problems. If that doesn't work, just delete the dialhk.dll from the Folder View program directory (usually C:\Program Files\Folder View). Do not run Folder View with other programs which extend the Open/Save dialog boxes.

The bar with folders doesn't show up in the Windows Explorer

It should be possible to en/disable it with the menu View -> Toolbars.

I don't want some folders in folder view to appear, but when I delete them, the whole folder is deleted

There is an option in the Options screen to only show shortcuts to folders. If you enable that, the real folders will disappear and only shortcuts to folders (or drives) are shown. If you then add the folders you want, you have what you want.

It takes a long time for a Folder View menuitem to appear

You probably have an incorrectly working shortcut to a (network)-location inside your Main Folder (usually 'My Documents'). Remove the shortcut to fix the problem.

A button for Folder View is shown, but it doesn't do anything

It's an old bug which only shows up on some systems. I tried to fix it a couple of times, but it reoccurs sometimes. Very strange. You could try not to let Folder View startup at the windows start (see the options-screen).

I get a write-error for a file called 'dialhk.dll' when installing Folder View

You probably have already installed Folder View before. To fix the problem, you have to close all applications, uninstall Folder View (read instructions below) and run the Setup program again. If the problem occurs again, you can restart the computer and try again. Setup should work after that. If not, please contact us.

Requirements for running Folder View


To uninstall Folder View, go to the programs section of the Start Menu, find the submenu labeled 'Folder View' and select 'Uninstall Folder View' from there. Follow the instructions to complete the deinstallation.

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