Frequently Asked

Q : Where can I ask questions and get support?
A : You can discuss features and problems on the forum. Please report bugs about MusicBox itself at the repo at Github. You can also try the #mopidy channel on Freenode, or the Raspberry Pi forums.
Q : What were the login credentials again ? I forgot them...
A : username: root, password: musicbox .
Q : Is there a way to upgrade the music box image, or is the only solution to use the whole new image?
A : For now, there is no real upgrade path, and the only way to upgrade is to simply download the newest image.
You could save your .ini and copy/paste settings to the new image.
Q : Can i use the free version of Spotify ?
A : No, sorry. Spotify does not allow free users to stream to third party clients.
Q : I upgraded my Musicbox with apt-get, now i'm having issues. Can you advise me on what to do ?
A : I would advise you not to upgrade your Raspbian unless it is absolutely necessary, as it tends to cause breakage.
Q : Can i change the standard radio station list ?
A : Yes.
Currently the list is stored in /opt/defaultwebclient/js/functionsvars.js
(or opt\flatclient\js\functionsvars.js if accessing from a windows box),
which you can edit by hand with with any text editor.
You can also use any of the popular MPD clients on your phone/pc/mac, most of them have the option of storing playlists and radio stations locally. See for a suggested client list.
Q : Can I use Spotify radio ?
B : unfortunately Spotify's current libSpotify SDK does not support that function, if they implement it i'll try and include it.
Q : Can I use HiFiBerry ?
A : Yes, use the latest version of Musicbox.
Output through i2s.
Q : Can I have several Musicboxes stream content to one another ?
A : Not yet, but i'm hoping to get it implemented one day.
Q : Can i access the Pi via terminal/command line remotely ?
A : Yes, simply allow SSH in the Pi's .ini file.
Q : Where can i find the hardcore technical info in Musicbox ?
A :
Q : How do i make (insert wifi dongle name here) work with the Musicbox ?
A : Musicbox is built off Raspbian, so any supported dongle will most likely work, but as with all things Linux/GNU, breakage can (and usually will) occur.

Q : Can the Musicbox stream to my airplay device ?
A : Right now it can't.
I may implement this if i ever have enough time, as it is a complicated project to get it working.
Q : Can i edit my Spotify playlists from the Musicbox ?
A : Once it is implemented in Mopidy, you'll be able to.
Q : can i run the Musicbox output to several devices via a multi-channel USB audio device ?
A : To do that you would have to run multiple instances of Mopidy and make them run in sync, it's not supported and it isn't on my to-do list, sorry.
Q : Is there a support forum where i can ask in-depth questions ?
A : No, sorry, just Twitter and Facebook, as i don't  have time for full-time support.
Q : Can i stream Spotify to several different Musicboxes at once ?
A : No, as this is a Spotify limitation.
But perhaps if i get around to implementing the streaming from Musicbox to Musicbox, it may become possible.
Q : Can i get the Musicbox to auto-start playing a playlist or radiostation upon bootup ?
A : Yes, use the settings page!
Q : Will you add WiMP support ?
A : WiMP support in MusicBox depends on WiMP support in Mopidy. The story of that can be read at
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